Top 10 Western Sydney women killin’ it in music.

Top 10 Western Sydney women killin’ it in music.

Apr 21, 2022

SOUND WEST Community ambassador, hip hop + soul artist, storyteller and creator MC Trey shares her list of female artists from Western Sydney carving out their place in the music industry as artists.

Over the years, Western Sydney has definitely made its mark in music, producing some of the region's finest artists. From hip-hop to drill, electronic music to pop, there has been an explosion of talent. Historically, the female voice has always featured in segments of the soundscape producing artists who have made considerable impact. Today, the female voice continues to resonate, presenting an eclectic and diverse array of music, stories, and sound. Finding young women to feature in this article was a breeze. Chopping it down wasn’t. Check out my pick of 10 Western Sydney ladies who are killin’ it in music.

First up I’d like to acknowledge the First Nations matriarch Barkaa. In 2019,her first single ‘For My Tittas’ introduced her to the world, sharing her truth, and the issues impacting First Nations people. When I first saw the video clip I got goose bumps. This has always been an indication of the presence of ancestors and the power that Barkaa brings when she steps to the mic. Sista girl is the goods, if you haven’t, check her out.

When I think of originality with soul and substance, A-Girl comes to mind. Repping her area with debut single ‘2142’ in 2019, letting it be known that A-Girl is here to stay. In the age of auto-tune, it is rare to find an artist whose live performances match the recorded sound, yet A-Girl’s live vocals are solid, raw, and uncut. Her versatility brings forth butter vocals whilst also flipping to spit over drill. Check this page for up coming gigs and info.

Upin next is singer, songwriter, and producer, Clarissa Mei. Her style can be described as soul and RnB, with her vocals laced with trills for days. Musically, her production sits within her unique style of electronica. One of her stand-out singles ‘Woman’ shares insights into relationships over chilled head-nodding groove. Check out this multi-talented sis here

Becca Hatch has been putting in work. While her sound stems from R&B, her Samoan and First Nations heritage reflect her powerful vocals and poignant storytelling. She has previously won Triple J’s Unearthed High Initiative and worked with some of thebest in the biz. One of my favourite tracks ‘2560’ highlights her smooth vocals and hip-hop-like delivery. Follow her movements here.

Jessica Jade is no stranger to the industry. Her smooth R&B vocals, killer delivery and lyrics are are flection of her experiences. She describes her music as ‘bouncy and chill at the same time’. One of her stand-out tunes, ‘Bet’ features a chill acoustic riff and catchy melodic delivery. Her live shows are also on point. Check her out here 

Spvrrow has been on the rise, working quietly behind the scenes. Hailing from the 2770, this poetic songstress was named after the Gospel classic, ‘His eye is on the sparrow’, sowing the seeds for her music journey. Her soulful sound is butter. She has worked with some of the best in the industry and is creating new music and shows. Follow her here.

Nardean is a contemporary hip-hop artist, traversing rap, singing, and poetry. Her Egyptian culture and Western-Sydney experiences have provided space to explore her voice, cementing her name in the hip-hop scene. Her track ‘Westside’ takes us on a journey, talks about childhood Summer experiences in the West, over middle-eastern inspired hip-hop music. Check out more here.  

Billy Maree is a vocalist who draws inspiration from 80s and 90s R&B, delivering intimate and smooth vocals over chill beats. Her 2020 release ‘Down’ introduced many of us to her signature almost hypnotic lyrical style. She has also worked with some of the best in the International music biz, no doubt, working on some more music goodness for the masses. Follow her here.

Last but not least, Cat and Camell are definitely killing it with their pop styled, alternative and R&B sounds. Their distinctive vocal tones complement each other beautifully, whilst their music presenting a blend of soul and nostalgia. Their lyrics talk of childhood experiences and life topics. One of my favourite tunes is ‘Dramatic’ highlighting their concerns about Climate change. Check out their music here.

More about MC Trey

A Fijian/Samoan Australian with 20 years of experience as a hip-hop/ soul artist. Raised on Dharug lands, she has garnered nominations for the ARIA, Urban Music, 3D, and Jack Music Awards and released several solo and collaborative albums, performing locally and internationally, offering a unique style of rhyme. MC Trey is a creative producer, writer, events curator, storyteller, entrepreneur, and community activist working with and advocating for young people, Pacific, diverse and creative communities. She has previously worked on Foxtel TV hosting a music show and written and performed Australian and English hip-hop theatre.