The Australians making it big in NFTS

The Australians making it big in NFTS

Apr 21, 2022

You could be forgiven for thinking it's just the latest buzz word...but there's a group of Aussies who get it and are making serious names for themselves in the global NFT marketplace as creators, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Before we get started, here’s the 101 on what an NFT actually is..and why they are one of the hottest commodities at the moment.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is basically the digital equivalent of buying an original piece of art at a gallery or auction. When you buy an NFT, you own the original..kinda like owning the masters to a song. If you are lucky, that NFT may increase in value over time and you can choose to hang onto your investment or relist it on an NFT marketplace like Opensea, Binance  or ImmutableX. NFTs are a part of the Ethereum blockchain which is a cryptocurrency.

But the NFT marketplace is going beyond your traditional idea of art with iconic sports moments, music masters and even signatures being sold so the opportunities for brands, artists and creators seems to be limitless. And whilst this concept may be a new one for many of us to wrap our heads around, there’s a group of Australian artists and entrepreneurs making and raising serious coin from their NFT businesses.

Serwah Attafuah

Western Sydney resident and multi-disciplinary artist Serwah Attafuah has recently been making headlines all over the globe due to her impressive sales, notably at the Sotherby’s Digital Native Art Auction. Self-taught and content to work to the beat of her own drum, Serwah started out playing in punk bands and painting, moving later to digital art. Her eclectic works seriously transport you to another rich with atmosphere, colours and unique characters, so it’s no wonder she has caught the eye of brands like Nike and Mercedes Benz and celebs Paris Hilton, and artists Charli XCX and Genesis Owusu. You will be able to hear Serwah talk at the SOUND WEST Music + Tech Conference so pre-reg your interest to be the first to find out when tickets go on sale here

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Bianca Beers

Gaining the attention of the Australian Financial Review, Pedestrian TV and Art Haus and brands Adobe, Puma and Nike just to name a few, Beers artworks are like if pop culture, portraiture, graffiti and every colour in the rainbow had a glorious baby. Her recent Gods of Growth work, created for the Binance #100Creators Campaign features a stunning collection of imaginative portraits created to depict the embody and impart the energies, lessons and blessings of the seven Chakras. On the rise..this artist fantastically also prices selected artworks extremely wallet friendly, enabling budding collectors-on-a-budget to own their very own piece of the NFT wonderland. Bianca will be joining Serwah Attafuah on stage at the SOUND WEST Music + Tech conference, sharing her journey as an artist.

Checkout her collections on Humbl NFT and Foundation

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Michelle Grey, Culture Vault

Not only content to create an NFT Marketplace, founder Michelle Grey has pledged to debunk the misconception that NFTs are not legitimate art. Speaking recently to the Sydney Morning Herald, Grey says “Good art is relatively new in this space. Traditional artists are paying more attention to NFTs, are entering the space, and I think we’re seeing a resurgence of good art coming in.” Culture Vault doesn’t just provide a marketplace, it mentors and guides traditional artists through the new and sometimes daunting process of listing and trading their art. This is definitely one to watch if you are a fine art lover and looking to start your NFT collection.

Check out their creators here

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Robbie and James Ferguson Immutable X

Robbie Ferguson, 24, and James Ferguson, 29 recently made headlines after raising a jaw-dropping 105mil in capital for the Sydney-based start-up Immutable X - an NFT marketplace. An avid gamer, founder James spent 1000+ gaming in environments that had their own e-currencies and ecosystems. He realised a gap existed for NFTS created that would give users the opportunities to truly own the assets they bought in-game. Fast forward and Immutable X was born. Speaking recently to James said: “Immutable’s mission is to make digital worlds real. Digital worlds, whether that’s online communities, or online games are becoming more and more immersive. But the business models that they’re using, especially in games, are becoming more and more exploitative. The fact of the matter is, we don’t own the stuff we buy-in. Our big goal is to use NFT’s (Non-Fungible Token) to recreate the same property rights that we have  in the physical world in the digital world.”

Sounds good to us!

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SOUND WEST Music + Tech Conference

You can learn more about NFTs, content creators and entrepreneurs at the upcoming Sound West Music + Tech Festival. SOUND WEST is a five-day landmark festival will feature intimate and large performances from established and emerging artists and a music and technology conference at CommBank Stadium on August 25, including sessions, workshops and mentoring from some of Australia’s biggest tech brands and music industry leaders.

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