How To Future Proof Your Creative Career

How To Future Proof Your Creative Career

Apr 21, 2022

Our economic future will be built with creativity and technology. As we anticipate artificial intelligence rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, predicted careers in technology are rapidly changing and expanding every day. SOUND WEST Education Partner SAE Creative Media Institute shares their predictions for the exciting opportunities awaiting creative professionals across all industries.

In the last 30 years alone, employment doubled in industries with high levels of digital adoption.

Think about the creative industries ten years ago… and you think about buzzing ad agencies, design studios, and large film and animation houses. These models have all changed; adopting digital alternatives to deliver better quality, more efficient outputs, whilst enhancing the end-user experience and the innovation hasn’t stopped yet. You just have to look at the evolution of Toy Story as an example of this digital revolution of the creative industries.

So what does the future of the creative industries look like?

The creative industries have evolved to encompass not only traditional forms of media and communication but creative experiences such as augmented and virtual reality, game design, and app development. In 2014-15 alone, creative industry jobs were responsible for $87 billion input into Australian businesses; that figure is only going to rise moving into the next decade.

What are creative technologies?

They’re a cross-sectional field that includes the creative aspects of design, art and digital media, alongside the technological bases of software engineering, electronic and data-driven engines. Breakthroughs in this space have opened up a wave of new job opportunities for many creative technologists; with their talents for technology and creative thinking – a highly desirable combination.

And as technology evolves, more opportunities are becoming available. Offsetting this are jobs that are being replaced by automation, and we’re likely to see more of this in the future. A staggering 45% of jobs currently in the market are set to become automated in our lifetime – a mindblowing number!

So what future skills and attributes are going to make you highly employable?

Adaptability – Be comfortable with change and develop transferable skills; these will equip you to evolve and grow with your chosen industry.
Networking – Know your industry and make connections with people in the growth areas for that field – it’s all about keeping your options open.
Passion Projects – Creative juices don’t always pay the bills, but keep in touch with the latest trends and stay energised by your craft. This will keep you happy and focused whilst demonstrating your potential and entrepreneurial flair.
Future Focused – Stay up-to-date with changes in the market. If 2020 taught us anything, it was that you never know what next year will look like! You can do this by asking yourself the question ‘how will my current role adapt in the future?’
Learning – Keep developing. Be proactive and upskill in new platforms, and technologies to better prepare for future career opportunities. When you invest in yourself, others are also more inclined to invest in you.

If you’re a creative technologist, but don’t want to settle for a standard degree in programming or computer science, check out SAE Creative Media Institute’s future-focused courses. They’ll equip you with the technical, creative, and transferable skills to ensure you are prepared for a career in the creative industry.

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