Saturday; Caravan Stage on Lennox Bridge

Saturday; Caravan Stage on Lennox Bridge

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August 27, 2022


Lennox Bridge

SOLLYY is a Sydney-based 22 year old producer, DJ, engineer and radio presenter of Samoan descent.

Whether it's playing vibrant DJ sets at locally renowned cultural hotspots or bringing new energy to the airwaves on Triple J, SOLLYY carries his unique flavour and style with him into everything he appears on.

For Sound West,Sollyy is inviting a bunch of friends to charge up Lennox Bridge including: Boosie, Dylan Atlantis, Zion Garcia, Breakfast Road, MA Rated and Yawdoesitall.


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Sollyy and Friends (Triple J host + Westie DJ and Producer)

Curated by Sollyy

  • Sach47
  • Kid
  • Sollyy
  • Kase Avila
  • Shake Daddy
  • Aywy vs Scruffs (MC’d by Sollyy)
  • Sollyywood Open Challenge (Hosted with Amorist)

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Lennox Bridge

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City of Parramatta